Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How long has NotaryQuotary been around?

Answer: Since the Summer of 2013.  We are a small startup company right now, but we’re excited about this idea and we’re very pleased by the customer reception so far!


Question: Does NotaryQuotary service work anywhere?

Answer: Not yet.  Right now we are servicing the contiguous 48 United States but we hope to expand to the rest of the world soon.  Also, if you live in a very remote area where there simply aren’t any Notaries within 30 miles of you, we might not be able to realistically help (good thing it’s free to use huh?)!


Question: Is NotaryQuotary really FREE?

Answer: Yes it’s free to use and there’s no obligation to pay anything!  IF you decide to book an appointment with a Notary using our service, we will take a small “convenience fee” of $5 or less from the service cost.  Our goal is to save you Time and Money!


Question: What if I book a Notary but they don’t show up or fail to meet my expectations?

Answer: Please let us know!  While we can’t guarantee a full refund from the service provider, we CAN and will put extra pressure on them to rectify the situation with you or else we will remove them from our database!  We are also planning on adding an integrated rating system to ensure only top quality notaries are listed.


Question: If I give you my email address will I receive messages and quotes directly from Notaries?

Answer: No!  We will keep your email address private so you will not be bothered directly by any of the Notaries that compete for your business!  Instead we will compile the various quotes for you and send you the best quotes in one simple email.  We hate getting spam mail as much as you do!


Question: Can you make a service like this for other industries like Plumbers and House Keepers etc?

Answer: Yes, we’re working on it 🙂